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“I see & experience things in life, and they find their way to my canvas – sometimes I feel that I'm actually there and other times.... I wish I were. I always see myself in my work, which is the only way I can make it come to life. Painting is a way to share experiences of life using color(s) & form(s)."      
                                             - Noelle Whitfield Campergue
Noëlle Whitfield Campergue is an abstract impressionist who paints city skylines and dreamscapes. Early influences include her father and grandmother, both painters and photographers. Her family relocated to Chicago at a young age where she continued to paint and experiment with many different mediums. This passion for art led her to study photography, where she continues to work professionally for more than 25 years.
Growing up, surrounded by the lifesyle and energy of the city of Chicago, somewhere along the way her first series of cityscapes were born. "One Sunday afternoon, I was with my family boating on Lake Michigan. It was a color photograph that I had taken of the Chicago skyline during golden hour. We were about 20 miles out. The city looked so small - yet every day I was living in it and it felt so had an amazing effect on me. Once I printed the photograph, I knew right then - that I had to paint it. 'Chikoma' and 'Chi Town' were born...and since then I've 'visited' cities of my own both real and on my canvases... New World, Sunset Drift Pfeiffer Beach..." Painting takes me places.
Noelle is now living in California. Her paintings of skyines and beachfronts came into play. Driving trips to Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Coachella and Joshua Tree were all of influences. These images evoked new energies in the Dream Series. She envisions the environment in her own unique way; allowing the shapes to tell their own stories. She injects fantasy into industry; taking modern man back to a more primal time, when nature reigned free. Her style revolves around modernism, tribal work, vibrant colors, dreams, love, sensuality and imagination. 
Greatly influenced by 'classic & traditional' painting masters Van Gogh and Picasso, NWC continues to develop ambiguity in her work. Each image becomes a unique destination for the viewer to explore; a world to be discovered within the colors, shapes, and spaces. Noelle lives in West Hollywood with her husband and 5 kids (Great Dane, Chug & 3 cats) Dream 'Page' (right). I'm ready for some new inspiration!                                                                  Happy Holidays 2016!

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